Grouped in broad career categories, the following are types of organizations and departments you might consider contacting in your local home area to explore a possible summer CRE/internship:

The Arts

  • Auction house
  • Children’s program
  • Cultural organization
  • High-school summer program
  • Local artist or craftsperson
  • Local Arts Council
  • Local government, tourism and historical office or society
  • Local museum, gallery or theatre (community, college, or library)
  • Local publication – graphics, photography, or design
  • Non-profit organization with a art or art instruction related mission
  • Performance space (theatre or arena)
  • Senior Center
  • Summer Arts & Crafts Fair
  • Summer camp art program


  • Chamber of Commerce
  • City, county or state government office
  • Commercial bank or credit union – bank teller
  • Insurance company – actuarial
  • Manufacturing or service company
  • Money management or investment firm
  • Nonprofit agency
  • Private accounting firm
  • Real estate agency – field appraisals
  • Regional economic development office
  • Retail brokerage


Most of the organization types listed below have individuals and/or departments who are involved in: public, media, community relations, publications, event promotion and other forms of writing and communications.

  • Casino
  • Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Office
  • College, university or private school
  • Community newspaper
  • Corporate communications department of a local company
  • Hospital communications department
  • Investor Relations department at a corporate headquarters
  • Local advertising agency
  • Local city, town, county or state government office
  • Nonprofit organization (cultural, historic society, human services, environmental)
  • Political campaign or the local office of elected representative
  • Radio station
  • Regional magazine
  • Summer fair, festival, or performing arts venue


  • Adventure tour or teen tour program
  • Day care center or preschool
  • Library (educational programs for kids)
  • Nature/environmental education center
  • Nonprofit organization with education department or an education mission
  • Outdoor leadership program (Outward Bound, NOLS, etc.)
  • Police department (safety training)
  • Private school with summer school session
  • Public school - substitute teaching, or summer enrichment
  • Summer camp or sports camp, including those for kids with special needs
  • Summer residential program for kids with behavioral problems
  • Town recreation department
  • YMCA/YWCA – sports, recreation, and social programs for kids and teens


  • Charitable foundation (marketing outreach, communications, grant writing)
  • Insurance company (sales, research, marketing, investor relations, actuarial)
  • Local government agency or business office - budget office assistant
  • Local investment or commercial bank, or credit union - bank teller, back office staffer
  • Local stockbroker - stock broker assistant, sales assistant, researcher
  • Money management firm - portfolio management assistant, sales assistant
  • Real estate firm (sales, marketing, office work, field appraisals, research)
  • Stock Market or Exchange - runner, trader, researcher


  • Local federal, state, county & town government offices
    • Courts
    • Health & Human Services/Social Services
    • Justice
    • Labor/Employment & Training
    • Public Service/Consumer Advocacy
    • Check telephone “blue pages for other offices”
  • Local congressional offices
  • Local courts
  • Local democratic/republican parties
  • Local nonprofit organization that addresses policy area of interest (i.e. education, energy/environmental, health, welfare & poverty)
  • Political campaign
  • Political consultants and lobbyists (especially near state capitals)


  • County, state and federal government office and department (i.e., Legal, Mayor’s Office, Taxation, Codes, PR, Solicitor General, Treasury, Fraud)
  • Court/Judge/Public Defender/District Attorney
  • Estate Planning/accounting firms/tax service
  • Government Relations department at a corporate headquarters
  • Legal or human resources department at a corporation
  • Local law office
  • Not-for-Profit advocacy agency (department might include government relations/lobbying, programming)
  • Real Estate Closings department at a bank/savings & loan/credit union

Science and Health


  • American Red Cross blood drive
  • Hospitals
  • Local ambulance service
  • Physical therapy office
  • Reproductive health clinic
  • Residential Care facilities (i.e. for seniors, developmentally delayed)
  • Residential home
  • Skilled nursing & long term care facilities (i.e., rehabilitation center, nursing home)
  • Social Services organization (i.e., United Cerebral Palsy)
  • Summer camps for kids with mental or physical health issues


  • County or state departments of health
  • Environmental consulting firm (hydrology, air, soil, wetland assessment)
  • Humane Society
  • Nature Center
  • State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Nonprofit organization with health or science mission
  • Local zoo


  • Community Blood Center
  • Cooperative extension office (i.e., Cornell)
  • Hamilton College Summer Science Research Program
  • Local vet clinic – lab work
  • Medical & diagnostic laboratories
  • Other university research laboratories

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