Hamilton’s endowment consists of different types of funds. Each requires a minimum investment to ensure appropriate spending is available for the donor’s intended purpose.

Student Scholarships

Endowed scholarships ensure that financial aid will be available to future generations of deserving students.


Endowed professorships honor Hamilton’s most distinguished professors.

Experiential Learning

Endowed funds support student research, internships, and other vital learning opportunities.

Lectures, Library, Special Purpose

Endowed funds support special programs and foundational purposes.

Fund Minimums

Fund Type Needed to Endow
Full-Tuition Scholarship
More than half of Hamilton’s students receive financial aid. Generously and thoughtfully, a full-tuition scholarship would cover the cost of tuition for one student.
$1.3 million
Distinguished Professorship
Provides support and recognition for Hamilton's most distinguished full professors.
$3 million
Early Career Professorship
Provides support for young faculty members (1-7 years) on a tenure-track.
$2 million
Distinguished Visiting Professorship
Provides support for scholars-in-residence to supplement the expertise of Hamilton's faculty.
$1.5 million
Named Special Scholarship
Like general scholarships, special scholarships are awarded based on a student's demonstrated financial need and may include a preference if desired and agreed upon between the donor and the College.
Named General Scholarship
General scholarships are awarded solely based on a student's demonstrated financial need.
Faculty/Student Research Collaboration
Provides support for research in any discipline, including collaborative study with Hamilton professors and students.



Career Exploration/Internships
Provides support for students’ career-related internships, either unpaid or minimally paid, usually during the summer months.
Special Purpose
These funds provide a source of revenue to the College for a specific purpose, e.g., building restoration, art purchase or preservation, programmatic support, etc. The fund's purpose is defined by the donor in consultation and agreement with the College. 

When creating a new fund, Hamilton’s development staff members work closely with donors to ensure that both the donor’s intent and the College’s long-term needs are met. The capital necessary to establish an endowed fund at Hamilton may be provided through:

  • outright contributions of cash,
  • appreciated securities,
  • real property,
  • closely held stock,
  • personal property, such as important works of art, rare books, manuscripts, or antiques.

Gifts to attain a specified fund minimum may be completed immediately or over time (up to five years), as well as through an estate plan.

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