Special Note: If you are not able to register at your assigned time due to technical or location issues, please email the list of courses for which you would like to register. See below for more information. We will register you for your courses at your assigned time. Please be sure to include the course department, number and section. If there is a lab course associated with the course, be sure to include the information for the labs too.
Students who are away from campus have the opportunity to register for next semester’s courses. We realize that students who are away may not have access to the web or might be unavailable during some of their registration times.

Registration times are randomly assigned by the system and will not be changed. We cannot accommodate all of the various time and location situations for students who are away from campus. You can register any time after your registration time opens until 2pm on the 2nd day. All times are EST.

Students who are away will be cleared for registration, but should still consult with your faculty advisor. If you have any other registration holds (e.g. Business Office or Dean of Students Office), you must contact the appropriate office directly.

Students who are away from campus have two options for registration:

  1. You can use Student Planning to review the course schedule and prepare for registration.
  2. Review your Program Requirements and “My Progress” in Student Planning.
  3. Preview the upcoming semester’s Course Schedule.
  4. Discuss your course choices for the upcoming semester and academic plans with your faculty advisor.
  5. Register through Student Planning — access registration at or anytime after your assigned registration time. You have the same access and opportunities as students who are on campus. This is your best option, since you can make decisions about what to do in case of registration problems such as closed courses or missing prerequisites. Remember: Your registration time is Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  6. If you will not have access to the internet during your registration time, you may email your course choices to regofc@hamilton.edu to be processed by our office. You MUST provide the department, course number, and section number for each course. In addition, you should have alternate choices listed in case we encounter closed courses or time conflicts for your initial selections. We will process your registration at your assigned time. We cannot guess what you might do when courses are closed or there are registration problems.


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