Applying to Study Abroad Programs

  • Remember, the first step to applying for study abroad programs is to complete the study abroad planning form and meet with a study abroad advisor. (If you've already completed the planning form and need to log back in to your account, use this link: https://hamilton-ocs.via-trm.com/)
  • After you have met with a study abroad advisor, your status in your online study abroad account will be changed to “nominated,” indicating that you are now approved to start applying to study abroad programs. 
  • Apply to study abroad programs directly through the program provider’s website, following their instructions and deadlines.
    • Apply early! Most programs admit students on a rolling basis and can fill up before the application deadline.
  • Consider scheduling an advising meeting with the program advisor for your study abroad program. Most programs will indicate who the advisor is and how to contact them for a meeting on the program webpage.
  • Apply to one or two programs but not a handful! Your study abroad advisor and program advisor will help you determine the best number of programs to apply to by taking into account the various factors at hand (size of program, selectivity, your eligibility, etc.)

Program applications differ from program to program but typically the following materials may be requested of you:

  • Profile Information / Application - Provide as much information as you can to your study abroad program as early as possible. The earlier you inform the study abroad program provider about any personal concerns, academic accommodation requests, medical needs, etc., the better the program can start to research what is available on this program or in this location to be sure you are applying to a program that will work for you!
  • Academic Statement or Essay - This is a personal statement outlining your academic, professional, and personal reasons for choosing to apply to a particular program. 
  • Official Transcript - Can be ordered online through the Registrar’s Office
  • Academic Recommendation - Provide your professor or mentor with information about your plans and your program
  • Home Campus Study Abroad Office Approval - Many programs will help you send the notification automatically. Notifications should be sent to global@hamilton.edu
  • Application fee - Not all programs have application fees, but some do.

Visit the Costs and Financial Aid page to learn more about funding your study abroad experience.

Students (and their parents) will understandably be concerned about the cost of study abroad. Hamilton allows financial aid to travel abroad and the Global Learning Office partners with many of our university and program partners abroad and the Scholarships and Fellowships coordinator at Hamilton to guide academically qualified and high financial need students to additional funding opportunities. Making optimum use of these opportunities also requires planning and early application for scholarship funds. Students should not be discouraged by the cost of study abroad, but they should PLAN for securing the needed financial support. Early advising meetings with study abroad advisors can guide students to financial resources.

After Applying

In order to study abroad or off-campus on an approved program, you must officially declare your leave of absence by submitting the Declaration of Academic Leave of Absence for Off-Campus Study the semester before your program starts.

Fall Leave of Absence Deadline: Early October
Spring Leave of Absence Deadline: Early March

You must declare your leave of absence by the appropriate deadline even if your program plans have not yet been confirmed.  There is no penalty for withdrawing or changing your leave of absence.

Many Hamilton students who study abroad receive financial aid, and Hamilton College will work with students receiving aid to try to make their study abroad goal achievable.  Make an appointment with Diane Barrett (dbarrett@hamilton.edu) in the Financial Aid Office to talk specifically about your financial aid situation.

Read Studying Off-Campus on the Financial Aid site for a complete explanation.

See Costs & Financial Aid for more information about financing and scholarships.

There are several national study abroad scholarships available to students who need financial support to study overseas.  You can learn more about these scholarship opportunities by visiting the Costs and Financial Aid page.  The Scholarships and Fellowships Coordinator will assist you through the application process.  You can find more information by going to the College's Scholarship and Fellowships site.

Review the Guidelines for Transferring Credit and get instructions on how to complete your Petition for Transferred Credit form. This form is due after you declare your leave of absence. 

Fall Semester: November 1 
Spring Semester: April 1

Several sessions are offered each semester in November and in April.  Pre-departure orientation dates and details are announced to students who submit a Leave of Absence by the appropriate deadline. You need to attend one session. These sessions review information about the study abroad process, deadlines, health and safety, and study abroad travel preparation.  

The Release, Waiver, and Indemnification Agreement can be found in the Global Learning portal in the Forms section.  Check your Global Learning account to access the form.

The Goal Setting Assignment can be found in the Global Learning portal in the Forms section.  Check your Global Learning account to access the form.

Summer Study Abroad

Studying abroad in the summer provides some students with the opportunity to have an international experience outside the regular academic year or allows them to extend a semester or year abroad experience.

Learn more about Summer Study Abroad

Learn more about International Summer Research Abroad

Petitioning to Study Abroad

Hamilton requires that students meet certain requirements to study abroad. These eligibility requirements must be completed in order for students to declare a leave of absence, receive study abroad program approval, and transfer credits. Students who do not meet one or more of the eligibility requirements for studying abroad must petition the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS). Students must also petition if they seek to participate in a program that is not on the preapproved list of programs.

Learn more about Petitioning to Study Abroad

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