The staff of the Office of Community Living strives to promote and maintain a residence hall community conducive to intellectual and personal growth, where students can sleep, study, and share ideas with peers whose culture, lifestyle, and opinions may be very different from their own. We celebrate the uniqueness and dignity inherent in each one of us, no matter our race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, class, ability, or age.

We call for our students to stand up and speak out for social justice, empowerment, respect, and acceptance of all people. We promote an environment that is free from harassment, where differences are celebrated, and independent opinions are supported and respected.

However, when these opinions threaten others, we will act swiftly to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. 

Community Advisors, who are 61 upperclass students trained as counselors, limit-setters, program developers, and resource persons, live in each residence hall and provide valuable leadership within the residential community, as well as assisting with community development and facility management.

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