The housing agreement outlines the rules, regulations and policies you are required to live by as a responsible member of the Hamilton residential community.

Housing Agreement

As a full-time enrolled student at Hamilton College, I understand that I am expected to reside in College housing and participate in the meal plan. I understand and agree that I am responsible for all rules and regulations as outlined in the Hamilton Student Handbook and hereby understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set forth in the Community Living Policies and Procedures section of the handbook.

Meal Plans

All first-year and sophomore students participate in the full 21 meal plan.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who live in Griffin Road, Saunders, Morris House, Rogers Estate, Woollcott, and residents and McIntosh, Minor, and Milbank faculty apartment, have the option of participating in the 7  meal plan. 

Dates of Occupancy

I agree to adhere to the dates of occupancy indicated on the college calendar. I understand that my room assignment is binding for the entire academic year, unless I am granted a leave of absence.

Responsible for College Property and Damages

As a member of the college community, I am responsible for all college-owned items in my assigned space and agree to accept financial responsibility for the room condition and damaged or missing items. I agree to follow appropriate check-in procedures when I move into my room and check-out procedures when I vacate my room. When damage occurs within my individual residence and the responsible party is unknown, costs will be prorated among all building, suite, or apartment residents. When general campus damage occurs and the responsible party is unknown, costs will be prorated among all students.

Responsible for the Development of Community

I agree to encourage and support a positive residential community that is conducive to the development of all residents. Furthermore, if I am selected or assigned to a residence hall with a specialty component such as wellness, quiet, and/or substance-free, I agree to uphold the guidelines established for that environment. I understand that all Hamilton College residence halls are smoke-free.


I agree to return my room key to the Office of Community Living immediately after vacating my room. If I fail to do so, I realize I am financially responsible for the cost of the new lock and key(s) at $125 per key.

Room Changes

I understand that room changes are granted on a case-by-case basis after consulting with both my Community Advisor and meeting with an Administrator in the Office of Community Living.

Room Vacancies

I understand that this housing contract is for a space, not a particular room or apartment, and that the College reserves the right to fill any vacancies in my room if deemed necessary. In the event a vacancy should occur, I agree to accept any roommate assigned by the College. In keeping with the principles of fairness and guidelines for equitable community living, I am expected to welcome and accept new roommates. If it is determined that I have been difficult with a new roommate or created a hostile environment for a new roommate, disciplinary action and/or reassignment to another space on campus may occur.


I realize that Hamilton College is not responsible for personal property lost, stolen, or damaged. To help recover the cost, I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain insurance coverage for my personal property. Furthermore, I will abide by safety regulations in order to ensure a reasonably safe environment for other students within my residence hall.

Failure to meet the above guidelines may result in your removal and/or reassignment of campus housing.



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