You and your child may experience growing pains while adjusting to college life. Here are a few tips:
Expect stressful phone calls.

These are normal. Give good parental advice, as you always do, and then let them work it out.

Get a campus map.

Keep it with you in the car or view a Google map of campus, especially if you are not familiar with the Hamilton campus. It can be most helpful.

Try to visit on Family Weekend.

If you can’t actually visit, make quality contact during that weekend. If a visit during this weekend is not possible, try to visit another weekend, but only with notice.

Check the calendar

Arrange reasonable drop off and pick up times at the beginning and end of semesters. No early arrivals are allowed unless the arrival is due to participation in an organized sport or College program. Students will need to clear out of their rooms 24 hours after their last exam at the end of each semester.

Give them a break!

Don’t hold it against your child if he or she spends time at home during October break, November break, winter break, or whatever break sleeping, eating, doing laundry, and not much else; this is also pretty normal.  Students always need to relax and catch up on sleep during breaks!

Your child is in good hands!

There are many professional people at Hamilton who are trained in handling all the problems and experiences that many new students have when they come to school. People in the Health Center, the Counseling Center, the Chaplains’ Office, Dean of Students Office, Registrar, and Campus Safety, just to name a few, are all ready and willing to help your son or daughter in time of need. We really encourage first-year students to take the first step and contact one of us directly when facing an unusual problem or situation. Don’t try to solve your son or daughter’s problems; that’s part of the learning experience at college!

Damage and vandalism happen on any college campus.

While your son or daughter may not be responsible for any damage, all students are charged. We encourage students to help curb the cost of repairs and replacements by reporting those responsible for causing vandalism to Campus Safety, or by anonymously calling the TIPNOW line.

Consider reading a book or two from assigned reading lists for classes.

This might make for some interesting discussion and certainly shows that you are interested.

Discuss vacation plans.

Let your child know what vacation plans you have in mind for breaks before booking tickets and making reservations.

Encourage healthy “risk taking.”
Send periodic care packages to your hard-working student.

You’d be surprised how uplifting a small package from home with candy, brownies, pictures, toothpaste, soap, etc. can be. Even a postcard to say you’re thinking of them is wonderful! From a student’s point of view, a care package can really make a difference in morale, especially before exams.

You can reach the Office of Community Living at Hamilton by calling 315-859-4023 Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. during the academic year and from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. during the summer. Our email address is living@hamilton.edu


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