Our campus scheduling model is centralized with all requests directed to the College Events & Scheduling Office. We use 25Live as our event management system. All requests for use of College spaces (including outdoors) for events or meetings must be entered into 25Live. 

This system also integrates with our Student Information System to assign classrooms to courses. The Registrar’s Office maintains control of course scheduling and handles all changes that faculty wish to make to their courses or final exams.

All employees & students have access to 25Live by logging into the system with their Hamilton credentials (omit the @hamilton.edu upon sign in). This allows any user to make requests for Events without Services, College Vehicles and Virtual Events.

On your 25Live dashboard, enter a room or building in the Quick Search or use the Locations tab. The List tab will give you a list of locations that meet your search criteria and will include information about each space. If you click on the name of a space it will open up more details including photos and possibly diagrams. The Availability tab will offer a grid by date and time of a location's availability. The Calendar tab will show a location's events for one week from the current date as a default. On both Availability and Calendar, you select different dates by clicking on the blue dates above the Load button. Detailed instructions are available here.

When submitting your event request, you have the option of denoting an event as "By invitation only" and/or "Include in daily events email". If you answer yes to include in the daily email it will automatically add the listing to the College Events Calendar. You can then also list your event on the Public Events calendar by answering "yes" to "Advertise event to off campus guests?". Please only do this if it is an event that is truly open to the local (off campus) community. 

Please wait for your location confirmation email before advertising your event on College Listservs and ordering posters or other marketing materials.

You can cancel your event by emailing collegeevents@hamilton.edu or by calling (315) 859-4243. Please include the Reference ID number. If you need to reschedule your event, please let us know so that we can change the date instead of canceling and having you resubmit your request.

If you return to your event in 25Live and click on "Edit Event" you will be able to edit some parts of the Event Form. These include the Event Name, Estimated Attendance, Email & Calendar Event Description, Sponsoring Organization, and Required Event Information (please do not update AV & FM requests here as they will not be notified of any changes). If you need to update AV [avs@hamilton.edu] & FM [workcntrl@hamilton.edu], please email them directly and copy collegeevents@hamilton.edu. To change the date, time or location of your event please email collegeevents@hamilton.edu. Please do not cancel the event and submit a new one.

  • Upon saving your request the system will give you an immediate acknowledgement that your request has been submitted — that is NOT your confirmation. The acknowledgement will also indicate that the location you requested has been changed to a preference— this is normal.
  • Please wait for the location confirmation email before publicizing your event or making posters.
  • Email confirmations are sent to the requestor and will normally be received in 1-3 business days. Some spaces do require departmental approval so those are generally closer to 3 days for confirmation. The system will alert a user whenever one of those locations are added to the event request form.
  • Keep in mind that the College Events & Scheduling office is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm during the academic year and 8 am-4 pm during the summer. Requests are not processed on weekends or holidays so please plan ahead. If your request is for a date not in the current semester it may take longer to be approved. Please contact the College Events & Scheduling office with any questions about the approval of your event.

When submitting your request choose "Event with Services" as the Event Type*. Then answer the questions on the Event Form to choose the services that apply to your event. 

The requests you make in 25Live for Facilities and AV will be sent directly to the appropriate person so you do not need to call, email or enter a work order. Please do not update your AV or FM requests in the event after saving. If you need to make any changes to an AV or Facilities request please email the provider directly and copy collegeevents@hamilton.edu. Please put the Reference ID number of your 25Live request and the date of the event in the subject line. [AV: avs@hamilton.edu] [Facilities: workcntrl@hamilton.edu]

Remember to give service providers some lead time to plan for supporting your event. Scheduling is done in advance and they may not be able to accommodate your request if it is last minute, a good rule of thumb is at least 2 weeks notice.

*If you do not see the "Events with Services (set-up, tech support, food)" event type, you will need to take an 25Live Enhanced User training class to gain access. A video tutorial and exit ticket (required) is available in the 25Live Documentation Drive if you can not attend an in person training session.

When creating your event please choose “Event with Services” as the Event Type. Then answer the food related questions in the Event Form. You will receive automated messaging if there are any follow up requirements for your choices. If you need to change the food information you submitted you can do that by editing those questions in the event form.

The most common reason a request is denied is due to missing information or an incorrect event type. It is also our practice not to approve Events with Services for student groups with less than 7 days notice. If you receive a denial email please follow the scheduler's instructions to re-submit, provide the missing info or choose a later date.

25Live doesn't have every single space on campus. If the location you want isn't in the system but is still appropriate for your event, we will ask you to enter the request for the location "ON CAMPUS" then indicate the actual location in your event description. Sometimes, there is an adjacent location that will make sense to request. Please contact the College Events & Scheduling Office for more information.

 Answer "yes" to the question regarding an Event Image in the Event Form, then copy and paste the (square format 1:1) image address from SiteManager web media library into the 'Event Image' field. If you do not have access to SiteManager, please enter "will email" and send the image to collegeevents@hamilton.edu with the reference number of your event and we will add it to 25Live. The image must be square format and at least 500x500 pixels. Once the photo is added it will take approximately 30 minutes to appear on the calendar. Please do not email a rectangular image as it will not work for the calendar. Also, avoid images with text (such as your event poster) as it will be too small to read on the calendar listing.

Please direct room change requests for academic courses to Shannon Farrell in the Registrar's Office (sfarrell@hamilton.edu, x4638). It is not always possible to make changes, particularly during peak class times but the Registrar's Office will do their best to accommodate your preferences. 


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