Vehicle Reservations

The college has nine, 12-passenger travel vans and three 7-passenger mini-vans. No person, who has reserved a vehicle and been acknowledged, will be “bumped” or deprived of that vehicle prior to the proposed trip, except in the event of mechanical difficulties that make the vehicle unavailable. All requests for vans shall be made online through the Transportation webpage.

Reserving a Vehicle

When making your request please be prepared to include an account number, the name of your authorized driver, and your destination. Please direct all questions regarding van scheduling to Student Transportation at 315-859-4515 or transport@hamilton.edu.

Request a VehicleSee instructions

Checking Vehicles Out/In

  1. Vehicle pick-up is made at Facilities Management. If it’s after hours, contact Campus Safety and an Officer will escort you to Facilities Management and obtain the trip tickets and vehicle keys.
  2. You are responsible for inspecting the vehicle prior to departure. Any items missing or new damage upon your return will be your responsibility to replace. The cost of the replacement item and any new damage will be added to the vehicle mileage charge and billed to your account. 
  3. Vehicles must be returned to the Facilities Management garage, immediately upon return to Hamilton, after discharging passengers. All debris is to be removed from the vehicle and deposited in trash receptacles before returning it. Because of scheduling requirements, vehicles may not be retained at home overnight unless arrangements have been made in advance. Upon return, please secure the windows and lock the vehicle.
  4. Any vehicle malfunctions, problems, repairs, missing equipment, etc. should be reported to Facilities Management. Return the keys and Charge-out Ticket to Facilities Management. If returning a vehicle after hours, please go to Campus Safety and an Officer can accompany you to Facilities Management. Please note the odometer reading on the Charge-out Ticket.

Vehicle Usage Policy

Please review these policies if you are planning a trip in a College vehicle.

Driver Training & Qualification Procedures

If you are interested in becoming a student driver, you must complete an application and go through the certification process.

What’s required:

  • Valid U.S. driver’s license for three years with no moving violations
  • successful completion of classroom safety training
  • successful completion of driving test
  • DMV record check


Contact Name

Colin Idzi

Transportation Coordinator

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