During the academic year (September–May), the College extends the privilege of using the Chapel to Hamilton alumni and Hamilton employees.

Available dates are term and semester breaks but not holiday weekends. During the summer (late May–August), weddings are accommodated as long as College routine is not disrupted.

Wedding rehearsals are scheduled for one hour; weddings are scheduled for one and one-half hours. The rehearsal and wedding must begin at the time designated, out of courtesy to others participating in your ceremony and other scheduled ceremonies.

Receptions will be accommodated if the bride or groom are alumni, or members of the Hamilton community (employed by the College or parents are employed by the College). There are a limited number of locations available for receptions and we cannot accommodate them after the first weekend in August.

Reservation times or dates may not be changed without contacting Dannelle Parker 315-859-4372 and in writing to the office of College Events & Scheduling. A limited number of guest rooms are available on campus. Guest rooms are available to alumni or employees of the College. Contact the Bristol Center Office at 315-859-4271 for reservations.


Dannelle Parker

Associate Director of Conferences & Summer Programs

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