Transfer credit may be awarded for applicable coursework prior to or after enrolling at Hamilton.
  • Attention to policies governing transfer of credit is important in order to avoid any problems with credit being accepted. Hamilton awards credit for coursework that meets the definition of Liberal Arts and that is completed with a letter grade of C or better, or for exams, has the minimum core established by the faculty.
  • Transfer credit, in any form, is counted toward the total number of units/courses required for the degree, but the grades are not included in the student's Hamilton GPA and does not affect class rank.
  • Once credit is applied to a student's Hamilton record, it can not be removed.

Credit for Work Prior to Enrollment

Advance Placement Exam Credit 

International Baccalaureate

Credit may be awarded to students who complete the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and earn the IB Diploma.  A maximum of 8 units (1 full year of credit) may be awarded, but students may request fewer credits. Students must wait until the end of their second semester to request IB Diploma credit.


  • The course subject must be acceptable to Hamilton (i.e. A Liberal Arts Subject).
  • All IB credit is dependent on approval from the applicable department. 
  • Only one unit of IB credit may be awarded for one individual subject.

Theory of Knowledge One unit of credit is awarded for completion of the Theory of Knowledge core essay with a grade of B or better. The Office of the Registrar may grant approval.

Extended Essay credit is at the discretion of the applicable department the essay was written in. 

A-Level Courses

Credit may be awarded for A-Level courses. A-Levels follow the policies for AP Credit. A grade of A on an A-Level is usually equated to a score of 4 or 5 on an AP Exam. Departmental approval is required to transfer A-Level credits. Students should have an official certificate sent directly to the Registrar's Office. A Transfer Credit Petition must be completed, with approval from the department for the A-Level Subject area for credit to be applied.

College Courses taken while in High School

Hamilton has very specific policies for credit students may have taken while in High School. No credit will be awarded for courses taken at the High School, nor will credit be awarded if the course is included on the High School transcript as part of the High School curriculum.

Students who have taken courses at a College or University should provide Official Transcripts to the Registrar's Office.  If the courses appear to qualify for credit, you will be required to provide a certification from the College/University that the courses were taken at the institution and the class was not made up of more than 10% High School students.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will have their available transcripts evaluated, and will be provided with a tentative Transfer Credit Evaluation at approximately the same time as the acceptance letter.  Credit Evaluations are tentative, and will not be confirmed until the student enrolls, and a Final Official Transcripts has been received.

Credit for work after enrollment

Students must petition for transfer credit for every transfer course taken after enrolling at Hamilton. Students must complete a Transfer Credit Petition and provide course descriptions prior to taking the course.  Failure to have approval prior to taking the course may result in no credit being accepted.

All courses presented for credit must meet the guidelines for transfer credit.  Prior to requesting transfer credit, please review the Transferred Credit Policies and Procedures for Matriculated Hamilton Students.


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