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What good is having a great idea if you can’t communicate it effectively? We’ll teach you how to express yourself through writing and speaking, of course, but also through digital communications and artistic expression — all of which will help you stand out no matter what path you choose after graduation.


Although Hamilton’s open curriculum has no “distribution requirements,” students must select three courses from across the curriculum designated as writing-intensive. That’s how important we believe it is for you to learn to write in a clear, organized, and effective way.


Hamilton is one of only a handful of top liberal arts colleges with an independent Oral Communication Center. Here you’ll learn to express yourself with clarity and eloquence. 

Digital Fluency

From using digital media to communicate and collaborate to exploring the potential uses of data, analytics, and computer modeling, we’ll help you navigate the ethical and societal implications of living in an online world.


The creation of art at Hamilton is not just for art majors. Here, you’ll have opportunities to integrate creative work and performance into courses throughout the curriculum.

Discover Hamilton

 Toscana Ogihara ’22

One Thesis. Two Students. Four Majors.

Neuroscience, Dance, Mathematics, Music. Recent graduates Toscana Ogihara ’22 and Anthony Christiana ’22 took this unlikely combination of majors and collaborated on creating an original score for Ogihara’s dance thesis.

AI theatre

AI as Storyteller

The existential themes of love, death, and time were explored in the AI-scripted and human-performed musical production Channelers, an interdisciplinary art project funded by the Dietrich Inchworm Grant and headed by Assistant Professor of Digital Arts Anna Huff.

Ryan Mayhan '22, documentary

Meshing Digital Arts and Medieval Maps

Fueled by a dual passion for production value and the Middle Ages, Ryan Mayhan ’22 created a project that successfully intertwines his academic interests. It’s a video, aimed at a general audience, about how cartographers created ideological maps of the medieval mind.

Sam Besca ’22

Headed to Atlantic Acting School

While a concentration in government is not typically associated with a career in acting, Sam Besca ’22 has pursued her passions for both politics and storytelling at Hamilton and will be headed to the Atlantic Acting School in New York City this August.

Public Speaking Competition

How Do You Deliver a Successful Speech?

Three Hamilton students were recently awarded the top prizes in the College’s popular Public Speaking Competition, and they have shared their best tips for educating, entertaining, and persuading their audiences.

Members of the Coding Club working together.

Collaborative Coding

Students work closely with their professor outside the classroom as they learn new coding skills and, just as importantly, how to work in teams as they seek solutions to challenging problems.

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