The petition process can take three or more weeks. Please plan your time accordingly. Beginning the process early may enable you to accept a placement in a study abroad program upon receiving an offer. If you have a petition in progress, the College cannot grant approval to study abroad until the petition has been reviewed. 

The Global Learning Office provides guidance and assistance to help you prepare a strong, successful petition. However, hurried, last-minute petitions may not be approved.

Step 1:  Make an appointment and meet with a study abroad advisor. Your study abroad advisor will work with you through the petition process.

Step 2:  Complete and compile your petition documents. The following items are necessary for petitioning.  

Completed Off-Campus Study Petition form
Personal Statement (about 350 words)
Statements of Support from faculty (at least one, preferably two)
Completed Petition for Transferred Credit form
Syllabi or course descriptions for proposed courses abroad

Step 3:  Review petition documents with your study abroad advisor.

Step 4:  Submit all your petition documents to the Global Learning Office (Christian-Johnson 105). Incomplete petition documents may delay when your petition file is delivered to CAS for review. Double-check that all documents have been submitted and are complete.

Step 5: Await CAS approval. CAS usually meets every two weeks. You should receive an email notification about your petition from Karen Boots in the Dean of Students office. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure to still turn in a leave of absence form by the LOA deadline even if you are still awaiting approval from CAS.


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