1. When you have a list of courses available at your host university or study abroad program, choose twice as many courses for preapproval as you will actually enroll in. This helps guarantee that you will be able to enroll in a full complement of preapproved courses even if some courses conflict, are over-subscribed or are not offered.
  2. Complete a transfer credit petition for all courses you have selected.
  3. Any course in your concentration or minor must be approved by your department chair, even if you do not intend to count it as a requirement or elective. The department chairs need to sign your form and will need to see course descriptions or syllabi to approve courses.
  4. Courses that are not in your concentration or minor do not need a department chair signature unless it is a math, physics, computer science, or foreign language course.
  5. The form also requires your advisor’s approval.
  6. Turn in the completed petition form and course descriptions/syllabi to the Registrar’s Office by December 1 deadline for spring study abroad and by April 15 for fall study abroad.
    (Students who are petitioning to go abroad should include a completed transfer credit petition with the study abroad petitioning documents that they submit to Global Learning. Once your petition is approved, Global Learning will submit your transfer credit form to the Registrar’s Office)
  7. All students attending non-Hamilton College programs MUST preapprove courses for transfer credit. This image of a petition for transferred credit form will indicate what information is critical when completing the form.
    Students attending Hamilton College programs (China, France, Spain, NYC, DC) do not need to have courses approved for transfer credit. Courses will automatically receive Hamilton credit and will appear on the Hamilton College transcript.
  8. When you receive a copy of the approved petition, check to see that ALL courses have been approved. If a course has not been approved, you will not receive credit for it.
  9. Verify the number of credit hours you will need to enroll in to receive four Hamilton credits. This will be specified on the form just below the course list. You may need to take more than four courses.
  10. Make sure you enroll for the proper number of credit hours when you arrive at your study abroad destination! 

If you must choose new or additional courses when you arrive at your destination, be sure to follow the guidelines above: liberal arts courses in disciplines taught at the College and that seem substantially similar to Hamilton courses are the ones most likely to be approved.

Notify the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible that you need approval for a new course. Email her the course title, description, number of credit hours and any other information you think is relevant. You will also need to seek email approval from your advisor or the appropriate department chair and forward this approval to Anne Squires.

Do NOT plan to wait for approval until you get back to Hamilton! If you wait, you risk not receiving Hamilton credit for your courses abroad.

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