In keeping with Hamilton’s commitment to support a community where all individuals feel valued, empowered, and treated fairly, HiF works diligently to ensure that all participants are welcomed in a safe environment where they benefit from the same opportunities.
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Our Staff and You

The Hamilton in France staff is trained to help students of various backgrounds and identities to understand and face cultural differences.

At Reid Hall, home to HiF, the staff and faculty foster an environment where students, in all their diversities, feel included and at home. Through its own curriculum and the classes available at French universities, the program offers the possibility to learn about the historical and cultural contexts that help understand certain interactions between different groups of people in France.

Who You Are, How You Identify Yourself

Through movies, music, series, sports, American culture is overwhelmingly visible in France. Therefore, it is likely that you will meet some people who have strong opinions about American culture, including stereotypes and misconceptions.

Depending on their background, students may be used to certain societal roles in the United States. But once abroad, including in France, they may observe that people perceive them and interact with them in different ways.

The way people you meet in universities, in the streets, or your hosts, perceive and interact with international students is an inherent part of a study-abroad experience.


Students are encouraged to talk with peers who might have encountered similar scenarios, and reach out to staff members, including director and assistant directors, to share their concerns.

Students are also encouraged to research how different social and cultural groups are perceived in France and look for Paris-based organizations that would be able to provide support.

As part of the predeparture information, HiF will send an updated list of possible resources students may want to check before leaving.

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