An Individualized Program

Working closely with the director, HiF students design a program of studies that reflects their academic interests and level in French. Credit is given only to courses that are taught entirely in French with the possible exception of one course a semester in English for students majoring in English Literature.
Normally, students enroll in four credits, and take at least one course at a university and one at HiF.

Students can choose from among the following:

  1. HiF courses  (HiF students only) and Consortium courses (HiF and Smith) ; these small courses are formatted as small Liberal Arts College courses and are all taught by French university faculty in our headquarters at Reid Hall.
  2. Direct enrollment in Paris universities is available across many academic fields for students with adequate linguistic proficiency and sufficient academic preparation in the field in which they wish to enroll. STEM classes are very limited. 
  3. Carefully selected full-credit internships (mostly in non-profit organizations) are available to qualified students who will receive credit from their home institution. Students need to have strong linguistic skills (6th semester college French preferred), be reliable and ready for the challenge. Students need to inform the director at the time of application as a separate application is needed. 

Advising Starts Early

The Resident Director who is familiar both with liberal arts education and the French system is students’ main advisor and the intermediate between students and Paris universities. Advising for students starts well before departure and continues during orientation and throughout the year. HiF advising is not only about choosing courses; it helps students adjust safely and creatively to new environments, develop adaptability and flexibility, and encourage curiosity.  

Advising starts before departure using previous years' course lists in Paris, but course selection and schedule are finalized on site. 

Students at Reid Hall
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