A select group of commonly used prescription and over-the-counter medications are stocked in the health center; students are charges a nominal fee for these medications. If a student requires a different medication, a prescription will be sent to a local pharmacy. A student must be medically evaluated before any medication will be dispensed. This includes over-the-counter medications.


Limited in-house lab tests are available. Basic lab tests that can be provided include urinalysis, pregnancy, rapid strep, rapid flu, rapid COVID-19, and rapid mono. There are fees associated with these tests performed at the health center. Specimens for additional tests are sent to an outside laboratory.  This service will be billed to a student’s insurance.  We are not a draw site and, as a result, cannot send out labs for offsite providers.

Travel Counseling

Pre-trip travel counseling is offered by the Student Health Service for students traveling out of the country for study abroad programs or personal travel. Counseling will include a review of the CDC recommendations for preventive vaccinations and environmental risks for travel counseling. Travel vaccines are available and administered in the health center. A fee will be added to the student’s account after discussing the cost with the student.  Typically, private insurance does not cover the cost of travel vaccinations.  Students enrolled in the College's health insurance plan will be assisted with related claims for reimbursement purposes.

Sexual Health Services

Services include pelvic and breast examination, pap smears, contraceptive counseling, testicular exams, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy option counseling. There is no fee for services other than lab tests and prescription medications. Learn more


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