Hamilton is pleased to offer a comprehensive student health insurance plan that is designed to meet the healthcare needs that may be encountered by students while studying at Hamilton College. The plan carrier is MVP, and the broker is Haylor, Freyer & Coon.

What does the plan feature?

  • Affordable, comprehensive insurance benefits
  • Access to MVP’s nationwide network of health care professionals, including primary care, specialists and mental health at www.mvphealthcare.com
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Travel Assistance Services are included
  • Visit www.mvphealthcare.com to download a copy of your ID card, access to providers, claims, deductibles & limits and member details or through the myMVP Mobile App, available on the App Store or Google Pay.
If you have any additional insurance-related questions you may contact Haylor, Freyer & Coon service at 866-535-0456.

Coverage & Cost

Hamilton College requires that all enrolled students carry valid health insurance coverage. Students who enroll at Hamilton will be billed an annual premium:

  • $3170.66 (MVP Insurance Carrier Rate - $3048.72 + Broker Fee - $121.94);
  • Fall only premium is $1321.10 (MVP Insurance Carrier Rate - $1270.30 + Broker Fee - $50.80);
  • Spring only premium is $1849.54 (MVP Insurance Carrier Rate - $1778.42 + Broker Fee - $71.12)

Please complete the waiver to avoid being AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED and receiving unnecessary charges. The waiver process must be completed annually.

Eligible financial aid students who have been billed the student health insurance premium may receive an additional grant to offset a portion of the student health insurance premium. The Financial Aid Office will notify students directly regarding their insurance grant eligibility; no action is required by the student. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a student health insurance grant, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-800-859-4413.

Complete Waiver

(ID is located on My Hamilton)

International students are required to buy the student health plan unless they have U.S.-based insurance that meets the same requirements as that of U.S. insurance plans.

You should contact your health insurance carrier regarding your health insurance coverage while in college. Your plan must provide equivalent coverage to the student health plan. This means that you have full access to providers in the Hamilton College vicinity including mental health services on a non-urgent as well as urgent basis. Check your existing plan to ensure providers are available in our area.

Coverage cannot be waived after September 1, 2024. Once enrolled in the insurance plan, your coverage will stay in effect for the policy term of August 13, 2024, through August 12, 2025.

Please notify the health center of any changes in your health insurance coverage. Also, be sure to carry a copy of your insurance card with you while you are a student at Hamilton.

Plan Benefits

Coverage Fee
Deductible-Individual None in network
Out-of-Pocket Maximum-Individual $5,000
Office Visits- Primary Care & Specialists $25 Copay
Preventive Care Services Covered in full in network
Emergency Ambulance Transportation $100 Copay
Medical Emergency (Emergency Room)
Copayment waived if Hospital admission
$100 Copay
Urgent Care Services $25 Copay
Inpatient & Outpatient Hospital Surgery 10% Coinsurance
Mental Health & Substance User Services Inpatient 10% Coinsurance
Mental Health & Substance User Services Outpatient $25 Copay
Rehabilitation Services (Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy) $25 Copay
Laboratory Services Covered in Full
Allergy Testing and Treatment
Performed in PCP & Specialist Office
$25 Copay
Advanced Imaging Services Covered in Full
Diabetic Equipment, Supplies and Insulin (30 day supply) $25 Copay
Prescription Drugs Copay: $10 generic,
$45 brand name
$75 non-formulary brands


The date can be found in your admissions packet.

If you have any questions about your waiver status, you should contact Haylor, Freyer, &Coon  directly.

Visit the Haylor, Freyer & Coon website and enter your name and student ID (students can view their ID number on My Hamilton).

A waiver must be submitted annually during the open waiver and enrollment period at the start of the academic year.

Download a copy of your insurance card by visiting https://www.haylor.com/college/hamilton-college/ and then selecting Download ID.

The simplest way to find participating providers is by using the Gia app by MVP.  You can also see doctors that accept your insurance by visiting, https://www.haylor.com/college/hamilton-college/ then selecting Find Providers.

Spouse and child(ren) are not eligible for enrollment in this program.

You can view entire health plan benefits by visiting https://www.haylor.com/hamilton then selecting Plan Highlights or Coverage Details.

Please contact student@haylor.com with a copy of your current insurance carrier’s termination letter to begin the enrollment process. Once enrollment is finalized, insurance fee will be posted to the student account.

No, dental/vision coverage is not available with this plan.

Yes, this plan covers hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgery. Contact the provider for details.

Please email student@haylor.com to begin the process of your termination.


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