You may now enroll in Direct Deposit for Accounts Payable in place of a paper check!  The enrollment form is located on the WebAdvisor site.

You can access the form directly through MyHamilton (login with user ID and password is not required):

  • Employees - Click on the Tools tab, then click on “Accounts Payable Direct Deposit” under Human Resources.
  • Students - Click on College Business, then click on “Accounts Payable Direct Deposit.”

You may also go to webadvisor.hamilton.edu and:

  • Click Log In
  • Type User ID and Password (same as your Windows User ID and Password)
  • Click on Employees (OR Students)
  • Click on Financial Information
  • Click on Bank Information (U.S.)

To have reimbursements and other payments directly deposited to your bank account, enter your bank information, read the Terms & Conditions, check “Agree,” and click Submit.

You will receive an immediate confirmation in WebAdvisor followed by an email confirmation. Direct Deposit for Accounts Payable may take at least one disbursement cycle to take effect. Bank account information must be verified through the ACH Network prior to payment.

You will receive email notifications when payments are sent to your bank account, and you may change your bank account or end Direct Deposit of Accounts Payable at any time through WebAdvisor.

NOTE: Accounts Payable Direct Deposit enrollment does not affect your Payroll Direct Deposit enrollment.


For questions regarding Direct Deposit, contact Accounts Payable at x4320 or email Amanda Gleasman.


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