Hamilton College did not provide your personal SSN. Instead, we used your Hamilton College Employee ID # with 2 leading zeros. Anytime they ask for a SSN you would use your Employee ID #.

Yes, if there are transactions during that cycle a transaction envelope is required to be completed and submitted to the workflow for approval.

  • You can check your card activity at any time. Log into KEY2PURCHASE, then select bank, cards, recent activity. Select your card, recent authorizations; find the declined transaction, highlight, and select view status details to determine why declined. Examples of declines:
    • MCC code
    • Single transaction limit (Travel cards do not have a single transaction limit, purchase cards have a $1500 limit unless approved for another amount).
    • Fraud criteria
  • Purchase cards are set up with a standard single transaction limit of $1500 unless a larger amount has been approved.

For Travel Cards (T Card): email your supervisor and copy Amanda Gleasman, Accounts Payable Specialist (agleasma@hamilton.edu)  with the requested limit amount and the period for which the increase is needed. Once approved by your supervisor, your temporary increase request will be processed. 

For Purchase Cards (P Card): email your supervisor and copy Jennifer Mayer, Associate Director of Procurement (jmayer@hamilton.edu) with the requested limit amount and the period for which the increase is needed. Once approved by your supervisor, and Jennifer, your increase request will be processed. 

  • All of the Key2Purchase corporate cards are PIN encrypted. This is a new technology, so you will find that some card terminals will require a PIN number to be entered. For this reason, all cardholders are required to create a PIN # as soon as they receive their cards. This can be done at www.keycommercialcard.com – (the security code needed to set the pin is the last 4 digits of your Hamilton Employee ID).
  • This link can also be used to reset the pin if you have forgotten or want to change it.
  • KEY2PURCHASE cards are credit cards and will not be processed as debit cards.  If the chip reader is not available or working, you can try swiping the card or have it manually entered. 

  • An “out of pocket” expense is when you pay for an item that is College related and need to be reimbursed for it. This is required to be submitted in the regular monthly transaction envelope where the transaction was expensed.
  • For detailed instructions, see step 4 for  How to Create a Transaction Envelope for Corporate KEY2PURCHASE Card Holders.

Supervisors can view a listing of outstanding statements by selecting Reports, Company Reports, Monthly Reports, then change the cycle to the month you are looking for.


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