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A primary source of Hamilton’s success is the dedicated and enthusiastic people who work at the College. We celebrate employee service and success. The guidelines are intended to help supervisors know what the College will reimburse. In general, the College does not pay for celebrations or gifts except as outlined below. Management discretion should always be used to determine the scope of celebration appropriate to any situation.

  • Supporting a strong community through appropriate celebration
  • Equitable treatment of employees across the campus
  • Prudent use of College resources
  • Employee length of service is celebrated at the Service Awards Luncheon held in the spring of each year.
  • For milestones of 10, 20, 30, and 40 years, employees are offered a choice of gifts from the College.
  • The luncheon and gift process are coordinated by Human Resources. 
  • Employees may officially retire from the College when their age plus years-of-service equal 75, at which point an appropriate celebration is usually organized.
  •  You may use your operating budget to pay for refreshments up to a light meal with beverages including beer and wine.
  • The gift for retirement is a Hamilton clock. The clock is ordered and distributed by Human Resources.

When an employee resigns from a position and leaves Hamilton, a celebration of their success and an opportunity to say farewell may be appropriate. Guidelines for celebrations are based on length of service.

1.  1-9 years of service at Hamilton

  • A department reception with light refreshments such as bagels, donuts, chips, or pretzels 
  • A Josh Simpson globe (1.7 inch size) may be given or a Hamilton-related gift up to $50.

2.  10 or more years of service up to retirement

  • A department or campus-wide reception that includes light snacks. 
  • A Josh Simpson globe (3-inch size) may be given or a Hamilton-related gift up to $100.

Alcohol may be purchased/served if approved by the appropriate member of Senior Staff.

Other Celebrations of Success
  • There are times when projects are completed that require a large and sustained effort by groups of people on campus. On some occasions, a celebration of success may be supported. For example, you may use your operating budget to pay for a project team to enjoy a reasonably priced meal.
  • Reimbursement for holiday events is covered here.
Student Workers
  • The College does not pay for parties or meals for student workers unless there is a clear business purpose.
  • The College does not pay for gifts for student workers.
  • Questions about celebrations should be addressed to the appropriate vice president and Human Resources. 
  • If you need help planning your event (estimating the crowd and amount of food needed, for example) you may call Danelle Parker, Director of Summer Programs/Conference Services.


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