Rapid Identity is an enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. IAM is a system of policies, people, business processes, and technologies that enable organizations to both facilitate and control their users’ access to critical online applications and IT resources. It applies to software used for creating and deleting accounts, managing passwords, providing single sign on (SSO), and managing authorization (level of access) to systems.  Based on people’s roles, IAM systems grant them access to the applications to which they are authorized and provides single sign on functionality for those applications  (sign in once to visit any application in the SSO ecosystem).

You can access the Rapid Identity portal here: https://identity.hamilton.edu

Hamilton's Password Policy was updated to match current industry guidance with the launch of Rapid Identity.

  • Passwords will no longer expire.
  • All passwords must be at least 14 characters long.

Hamilton requires users to promptly change their passwords in the event of a suspected compromise. Examples of such compromises include instances where credentials have been included in a known data breach, falling victim to a controlled phishing campaign, or any other situation that could potentially jeopardize the integrity of user accounts.

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