The vision for LITS is of a high-performing organization, closely aligned with institutional goals, whose members are active participants in the life of the college as well as regional and national organizations. Innovation, partnership, and leadership are important components of LITS activities in supporting our institutional mission.


The mission of LITS is to empower all members of the Hamilton Community to use information and technologies to engage in intellectual exploration, make informed decisions, and create and share knowledge.

Members of LITS help build connections between the Hamilton Community (faculty, staff, students, prospective students, parents, alumni, etc.) and the information and technology resources they need to succeed in their lives.

  • We partner with members of our community to understand their needs, share ideas, solve problems, discover and evaluate options, explore directions, experiment with and implement new approaches, and plan for the future.
  • We provide comprehensive, convenient, and accurate services, delivered in a timely, responsive, and courteous manner.
  • We acquire, license, organize, make accessible, and maintain the information, hardware, software, systems, collections, and spaces that our community uses, and provide secure access to these resources.

Department Directory

Frequently Used
Circulation 315-859-4479 askcirc@hamilton.edu
Digital Scholarship Collaborative (DiSC) 315-859-4788 disc@hamilton.edu
IT Help Desk 315-859-4181 helpdesk@hamilton.edu
Research Support 315-859-4735 askus@hamilton.edu
All LITS Departments
Acquisitions 315-859-4491 asktobuy@hamilton.edu
Audiovisual Services 315-859-4120 avs@hamilton.edu
Business Intelligence and Web Services 315-859-4932
Cataloging 315-859-4383 jfwillia@hamilton.edu
Central Information Services (Colleague) 315-859-5247 cis@hamilton.edu
Circulation and Reserves  315-859-4479 askcirc@hamilton.edu
College Archives 315-859-4471 askarch@hamilton.edu
Computer Repair (CCNY Tech) 315-859-4171 ccnytech@hamilton.edu
Desktop Integration Services 315-859-5347
Digital Scholarship Collaborative (DiSC) 315-859-4788 disc@hamilton.edu
Institutional Research 315-859-4084 oira@hamilton.edu
Interlibrary Loan 315-859-4484 askill@hamilton.edu
IT Help Desk 315-859-4181 helpdesk@hamilton.edu
Jazz Archives 315-859-4071 mrowe@hamilton.edu
Library Access Services 315-859-4485 bbohsted@hamilton.edu
Resource & Digital Strategies 315-859-4487 sfoley@hamilton.edu
Network Help Line 315-859-5638
Research & Instructional Design 315-859-4735 course-support@hamilton.edu
Special Collections 315-859-4705 cgoodwil@hamilton.edu

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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