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Resources for New Students

IT Resources

What type of computer should I bring to campus?

While most newly purchased laptops will perform adequately, LITS has a few recommendations to help guide your choices during the process of choosing your companion for the next four years.

Minimum Requirements

What can I do to guard against cyber threats?

Want to learn how to keep your new Macintosh or Windows secure? Head on over to the following page: https://my.hamilton.edu/offices/lits/information-security/awareness

How do I print?

Hamilton College has public printers in most academic building for students to make use of. Printing can be done by submitting jobs to a website or by setting up the printer connections of your Macintosh or Windows.

How do I connect wirelessly?

Please note that the installation of a personal wireless access point (Apple Airport Station, wireless router, etc.) is strictly prohibited on campus.

Hamilton College has secure wireless network access available in all campus buildings and most outdoor areas. Connectivity to the wireless network is supported by 802.11g or 802.11n wireless cards, which are available in most new Windows and Macintosh laptops. 

What about storage and backup options?

While the college provides students with 300 MB of server storage space, it is usually not enough to backup large video files or photo libraries. LITS recommends that students purchase external drives for the purpose of backing as well as storage.

Does Hamilton College provide Microsoft Office?

Students and teachers are eligible for Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, plus additional classroom tools). All you need to get started is to use your Hamilton email address when signing up and indicate that you are a student. Office 365 will be available to you for free as long as you are enrolled in Hamilton College.

Do I have to use the email account provided to me by Hamilton?

All email communication from the College will be sent to your Hamilton email. You can, however, choose to set it up so that emails sent to your Hamilton email address are forwarded to your personal email account.

Library Resources

Contact a librarian or educational technologist

Access Hamilton’s wealth of academic resources and assistance from librarians and educational technologists.

Researching Starting Points

How do I learn more?

LITS Educational Opportunities

We will assist the Hamilton Community in determining how best to integrate technology into their work and we endeavor to encourage them to acquire and enhance their skills with respect to the information technologies and resources used for research, office productivity, and academics. 


Contact Information

LITS Help Desk

315-859-4181 helpdesk@hamilton.edu
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