Staff Directory

Phone numbers begin with 315-859-xxxx
Asu, Glynis Research Librarian, Peer Learning & Instruction Coordinator 4482 gasu
Bohstedt, Beth Director, Learning and Research Services 4485 bbohsted
Brotherton, Elizabeth (Beth) Music Library Coordinator 4349 ebrother
Brown, Todd Business Intelligence Architect 4163 tbrown
Buttimer, Monica Programmer Analyst 4172 mbuttime
Coyle, Ryan Application and Integration Specialist 4722 rcoyle
Cunningham, Sacharja Instructional Designer sscunnin
D'Aprix, Margaret (Margie) Interlibrary Services Coordinator 4484 mdaprix
Drew, John Programmer Analyst 4674 jdrew
Espe, Graham Sr. Multimedia Systems Technician 4793 gespe
Foley, Shay Director, Metadata and Digital Strategies 4487 sfoley
Fox, Timothy Electronic Resources Management/Serials Assistant 4747 twfox
Gisondi, Phillip Access Services Assistant 4479 pgisondi
Goodwillie, Christian Director and Curator of Special Collections and Archives 4447 cgoodwil
Hale, Geoffrey (Geoff) Desktop Administrator, Administrative Facilities 4443 ghale
Hicks, Timothy (Tim) Director, Audiovisual Services 4790 thicks
Higgins, Douglas (Doug) Instructional Designer 4333 djhiggin
Ingalls, John Network and Systems Administrator 4092 jingalls
Kane, Timothy (Tim) Programmer Analyst 4274 tkane
Lacelle, Linda Systems Analyst/Administrator 4994 llacelle
Lapinski, Theresa (Terry) Assistant to the Vice President for Libraries & Information Technology 4352 tlapinsk
Larson, Reid Research and Digital Initiatives Librarian 4480 rslarson
Marsh, Lauren Help Desk/Infrastructure Support Specialist lmarsh
Maxam, Gretchen Desktop Administrator, Desktop Infrastructure Program Manager 4096 gmaxam
Mayo, Lynn Research and Electronic Resources Librarian 4746 lmayo
McDowell, Taylor Web Developer for Digital Scholarship & Digital Collections tmcdowel
McFall, Lisa Associate Director, Metadata and Digital Initiatives 4788 lmcfall
Mortensen, Ryan Business Intelligence Developer 4589 rmortens
Nicastro, Luigi VR/AR Immersive Technology Developer/Programmer lnicastr
Olsen, Bret Educational Technologist, Art Support 4099 bolsen
Oppedisano, Janet LITS Director of Academic Digital Initiatives 4424 jsimons
Paul, Scott Manager, Help Desk 4435 spaul
Peaslee, Marianita Photography and Digital Imagery Specialist 4426 mpeaslee
Quatrino, Jason Senior Web Developer 4956 jquatrin
Reichler, Deborah Senior Educational Technologist 4082 dreichle
Roback, David (Dave) Director, Technology Infrastructure 4987 droback
Rowe, Monk Joe Williams Director of the Jazz Archive and Lecturer in Music Performance (Saxophone) 4071 mrowe
Salzman, Benjamin Instructional Designer, Digital Media and 3D Technology Specialist 4575 bsalzman
Schell, Katrina Access Services Librarian 4476 kschell
Scoones, Maureen Associate Director, LITS Finance and Resources 4178 mscoones
Seifert, Rebecca (Becky) Cataloging/Authorities Assistant 4492 rseifert
Serrano, Nhora Associate Director for Digital Learning and Research 4493 nserrano
Shelley, Joseph (Joe) Vice President for Libraries and Information Technology 4566 jshelley
Sprague, Michael (Mike) Director, Business Intelligence and Web Services 4087 msprague
Stalloch, Gisella Metadata & Cataloging Librarian 4989 gstalloc
Stern, Catharine (Cat) Acquisitions and Cataloging Assistant 4491 cqstern
Strohmeyer, Kristin Research and Community Engagement Librarian 4481 kstrohme
Swartz, David Network Systems Administrator II 4918 dswartz
Sweeney, Martin (Marty) Director, Enterprise Information Systems 4164 msweeney
Swetman, Barbara Acquisitions and Serials Librarian 4470 bswetman
Thiesen, Christopher (Chris) Manager, Desktop Integration Services 4952 cthiesen
Thomas, Ben Help Desk & Endpoint Security Specialist 4560 bjthomas
Thomas, Jesse Network Systems Administrator III 4211 jthomas
Thomson, James (Jim) Senior Web Developer 4868 jthomson
Tillson, Mark Special Collections Coordinator 4705 mtillson
Tushingham, Abigail (Abbi) Audiovisual Services Coordinator 4120 atushing
Tylutki, Jeremiah (Jerry) Information Security Officer 4289 jtylutki
Warner, Forrest Video Support Specialist 4076 fwarner
Wentz, Christy Business Intelligence Analyst cwentz
Wickert, Adam Desktop Administrator, Academic Facilities 4227 awickert
Williams, Jean Associate Director, Metadata and Bibliographic Services 4383 jfwillia
Wohnsen, Alexandra (Alex) Research Librarian, Teaching & Learning Initiatives 4321 awohnsen
Wohnsen, Carl Multimedia Systems Technician 4231 cwohnsen
Wu, Ahra Data Science/Analysis Research Librarian axwu
Zaffarano, Teresa Cataloging Assistant/Special Collections Liaison 4624 tzaffara
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