While most students, faculty, employees, and others with managed identities at Hamilton College will only be required to claim their account and set a new password as part of this IAM project, there is a significant amount of infrastructure and data governance work happening in the background. In order to ensure this project is successful, the implementation project is broken into two projects.

Phase 1: Rapid Identity launch (scheduled for 8/7/2023)

  • Account Claim (highlighting pros, improvements, and enhancements such as no password expiration, etc)
  • Dynamic role management
  • New sponsored account request process (Hamilton sponsored, Non-Hamilton sponsored, Student Organizations)
  • Defined identity lifecycles

Phase 2: Single Sign-On Migration (Fall 2023)

  • Enforcing Duo MFA with Google Workspace
  • Single Sign-On migration from Shibboleth to Rapid ID
  • Duo enhancements (Trusted Device, One Push, extend remember me)

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