Duo is a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system that will better protect systems containing sensitive Hamilton College data.

Duo adds a second layer (factor) of protection when you attempt to access a Duo protected systems. 

  • Your password is the first factor, something you know, and
  • Your phone (or security key) is your second factor, something you have. 

This helps prevent unauthorized access to systems in the event your password is compromised or stolen.

Hamilton College requires Duo enrollment for all students, staff, and faculty. Accounts are auto-enrolled by Hamilton College. Contact the Help Desk for more information.

Download and Begin Using Duo

  1. DuoFor smartphone users, download the FREE Duo Mobile App on your smartphone

    Duo will automatically send an authentication request via push notification (a message that pops up on your smartphone) to the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone.
    • iOS: Search Duo Mobile in the App Store and download and install the App 
      (have your Apple ID and password at the ready)
    • Android: Search Duo Mobile in the Google Play Store and download and install the App
  2. If you choose NOT to use a smartphone, complete this EQUIPMENT REQUEST FORM or contact the LITS Help Desk, 315-859-4181 helpdesk@hamilton.edu.

 Step-by-Step Instructions

Benefits of DUO

  1. Duo protects your account and your data. To gain access to your account, an attacker would need your password as well as the physical device you use with Duo. If all the attackers have is your password, they can’t get in. If they somehow obtain your token or smartphone, they would still need your passphrase. In other words, one factor can fail, and the other will still protect you. (At Hamilton, the primary authentication method for many applications and websites is Shibboleth. It requires your login, and provides the first level of sign-in authentication.)
  2. Duo protects Hamilton College. Duo will provide better security for Hamilton College data assets, including accounts, applications and websites.
  3. Duo offers flexibility. There are choices in how you can use Duo. You can receive the second password via a free mobile app on your smartphone, a hard token (a small device that typically resembles an electronic key or flash drive), via a phone call or text.
  4. Duo is a simple solution. Duo offers simple integration with other services and an easy interface.

Last updated: May 2, 2023


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