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Disallowing Duo app generated passcodes

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Duo is the Multi-Factor Authentication solution that is used to protect Hamilton College information systems and data (https://www.hamilton.edu/offices/lits/rc/duo). The Duo mobile app allows for authentication to occur via Push (approving a notification sent to your device), Voice (approving via a telephone call to your device) or via a Passcode (6-digit number generated in the app). 

The app can generate multiple passcodes that all remain valid until the most recent passcode is used for authentication. This presents a potential security gap specific to Duo app-generated passcodes. If an end user was phished and unknowingly supplied a Duo app-generated passcode to a spoofed website (such as in THIS example), that passcode remains valid and can be exploited unless and until a more recent passcode is legitimately used for authentication.

In reviewing Hamilton's information security posture as it relates to Multi-Factor Authentication, Duo app-generated passcodes are being disabled as an authentication method.

The Duo app can still be used for Push authentication; Duo Push will work over cellular or WiFi connected devices.

If you are in need of a Duo passcode, please contact the Hamilton College Help Desk to request a Duo hardware token at helpdesk@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4181.


There will be no changes to Duo Push, Duo Voice Calls, or using the Duo Hardware Token for authentication. This change is limited to the Duo app-generated passcodes.

Will the hardware token passcodes still work after Friday?

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Jerry Tylutki

Information Security Officer

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