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Rapid Identity - Identity and Access Management System

By Jerry Tylutki

rapid identity
rapid identity
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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an integrated system of policies, people, business processes, and technologies that enable organizations to both facilitate and control their users’ access to online applications and IT resources. Changing technological demands and staffing limitations require that the Hamilton identity environment becomes better standardized, data-driven, more automated, and supportable by implementing an enterprise IAM system.

In December 2022, Hamilton College selected Identity Automation's Rapid Identity Cloud as our enterprise IAM solution. Hamilton College is working with Moran Technology as our implementation partner for Rapid Identity Cloud. This project will meet four key objectives: to support student success, improve operational efficiency, establish a holistic approach to identity and access management, and to reduce institutional risk.

This project is currently underway, with a go-live for early August 2023. More information will be communicated to the Hamilton College community as the project progresses.

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