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Order No: W33N6-666455132 - Phishing!

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It's a Phish!

How to tell it's a phishing message:

  1. The message contents refers to a McAfee order and payment confirmation. However, the Reply-To address is a non-McAfee email address.
  2. The message provides a phone number to call. To confirm, you should contact McAfee from a known, publicly available phone number (you can do a web search for McAfee billing customer service if no other phone number if available). Most companies will provide a toll free phone number to call (1-800, 1-866, etc). The number provided is a 615 area code.

Message Contents:

From: Martin <sonomamartin4267[at]gmail[dot]com>
Date: Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 10:13 AM
Subject: ORDER NO : W33N6-666455132/Order-Upgradation/Summary
To: <redacted>

Greetings :<redacted>

Thank You for subscribing with Mcafee' security

We have received the Automation Upgrade of your Plan.

Here is the Order Detail

ORDER NO : W33N6-666455132

Amount     : $269.57/USD

The amount of $269.57  will be auto debited and will reflected in your statements.as Mcafee/Renews

get in touch with us +1 6-1-5 4-7-5-7-8-4-5

with any question you might have increase for refund/cancellation the order. 

Stay Protected-Team/management


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Information Security Officer

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