Emails reported to the Information Security Office or Help Desk will be listed here. The emails will be identified as phishing or legitimate, with helpful clues as to why the message is malicious or legitimate. Contact infosec@hamilton.edu to report a phishing email.

Reconfirm your cellphone - Phishing!

It's a Phish!

How to tell it's a phishing message:

  1. Claims to be from David Solomon, Board of Trustee member and CEO of Goldman Sachs. Recipient email is actually <julianspencer[at]talktalk[dot]net>. This does not resemble a legitimate email address for David Solomon.
  2. Unsolicited and unexpected email from a person that has not reached out and made contact before.
  3. Phishing messages of this nature seem innocent at first glance; if you respond, you signal the malicious actor to engage at a deeper level. Replies will lead to the purchase of gift cards or another way to gain something of monetary value.

Message Contents

From: David Solomon <julianspencer[at]talktalk[dot]net>
Date: Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 10:52 AM
Subject: Available?
To: <redacted>

Hello <redacted>,

Kindly reconfirm your cell #, I need a task done immediately and look forward to my text.


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Jerry Tylutki

Information Security Officer

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