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Spoofed SSO and Duo Authentication Prompt

By Jerry Tylutki

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Be cautious when receiving email messages that appear to be from Hamilton College. Provided are two screen captures from a recent phishing message. These screen captures are taken from the redirected webpage which spoofs the legitimate Hamilton Single Sign-On and Duo authentication pages.

Note that the URL is not a valid Hamilton College URL!

Phishing alert - spoofed SSO login

Phishing Alert - Spoofed Duo

This is a spoofed Hamilton College Duo authentication page. There are some obvious signs that reflect this is a malicious, spoofed webpage:

  1. URL is not a valid Hamilton College URL
  2. Remember me is set to 90 days. Hamilton College has a 15 day Remember me.
  3. Hamilton College allows for Push and Telephone; there are no Duo prompts that will only accept a passcode if you are authenticating from a mobile device.

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