Congratulations to the Class of 2020 LITS Student Employees!

By Kristin Strohmeyer

Congratulations, finally, to ALL of the class of 2020, but we offer up a particular warm congratulations and happy return to campus to our graduated student employees: Aldridge, Mackenzie -Digital Media Consultant; Amy, Maya -Help Desk Student Assistant ; Babar, Amin -Digital Media Consultant ; Baumgartner, Megan -Help Desk Student Assistant ; Cadwell, Frank -Audio Visual Student Technician; Carlson, Kailey -Research Tutor ; Chalk, Alex-Digital Media Consultant ; Czwakiel, Nicole L-Circulation Student Assistant ; Darko, Rhudi -Digital Media Consultant ; Denloye, Olusayo -Digital Media Consultant ; Dorsett, Campbell -Digital Media Consultant/Help Desk Student Assistant ; Douyon, Aliane C-Audio Visual Student Technician; Duboulay, Shenise -Audio Visual Student Technician; Dumas, Amari -Library Student Assistant ; Fjermedal, Caroline -Research Tutor ; Gilmour, Kenadeed -Circulation Student Assistant/Library Student Courier ; Goggins, James - Student Lab Inspector ; Griffin, Elias Bingham-Help Desk Student Assistant ; Havens, Skylar -Special Collections Student Ass/Intern ADI; Hoopes, Penelope -Help Desk Student Assistant ; Huang, Ruo -Circulation Student Assistant/Special Collections Student Assistant; Iosebidze, Ann-Digital Media Consultant ; Keene, Emmaline G-Research Tutor ; Langston, Jada -Digital Media Consultant ; Levy, Shaquelle S-Audio Visual Student Technician; Madison, Justin -Audio Visual Student Technician; Malley, Timary P-Digital Imaging Student Assistant; Maxwell, Fox -Help Desk Student Assistant ; McGuire, Julia -Help Desk Student Assistant ; Nicholson, Claire E-Digital Media Consultant ; Odamtten, Nana -Audio Visual Student Technician; Paull, Graham -Digital Media Consultant ; Persaud, Serena -Help Desk Student Assistant ; Ramcharan, Ashley-Digital Imaging Student Assistant; Rinehart-Jones, Josephine S-Circulation Student Assistant ; Rodriguez, Laura-Circulation Student Assistant ; Song, Lindsey S-Circulation Student Assistant ; Stout, Emma E-Circulation Student Assistant ; Tasnim, Ramisa-Circulation Student Assistant ; Torres, Nora- Student Lab Inspector ; Tu, Dehao-Assistant Web Developer; Vega, Joshua - Student Lab Inspector ; Wanikpun, Winda-Audio Visual Student Technician; Yu, Fengge-Digital Media Consultant

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