Congratulations to the Class of 2022 LITS Student Employees!

By Kristin Strohmeyer

Congratulations to all of the graduating class of 2022, but a particular congratulations and best wishes to all of our graduating student assistants! We wish you the very best!!!

Oluwapelumi Esther Akinpelu - Audio Visual Student Technician

Elizabeth Lucille Arnold - Digital Media Tutor

Elizabeth Atherton - Special Collections Student Assistant

Karina Isabel Becerra - Audio Visual Student Technician

Kayley Marie Boddy - Student Assistant, Digital Imagery

Nasheley Bechette Boursiquot - LITS Research Tutor

William Bresnahan - Help Desk Student Assistant

Emely Giselle Chacon - Audio Visual Student Technician

Anthony James Christiana - Digital Media Intern

Luis F Colli - Special Collections Student Assistant, Archives

Preston Jackson Comer - Information Technology Services

Courtney Sage Connerly - Digital Media Tutor

William Brewster Crane-Morris - Help Desk Student Assistant

Emmett Michael Patrick Erickson - Digital Media Tutor

Sarah W Ferdinand - Digital Media Intern

Jesse D Gross, – LITS Student Ambassador

Grace Eleanor Ann Halligan - Digital Media Tutor

Joseph K Han - Audio Visual Student Technician

Max K Hanrahan - Help Desk Student Assistant

Malik Elijah Irish - Audio Visual Student Technician

Matthew Eric Jankowski - Audio Visual Student Technician

David Eduardo Jordan - Audio Visual Student Technician

Taron Kui - Digital Media Tutor

Emily Le - Digital Media Tutor

Tashi Lhamu - Digital Media Tutor

Karen Liu - Digital Media Tutor

Garret Cram Lualdi - Digital Media Intern

Levana Lyu - Digital Media Tutor

Jason Y Ma - Help Desk Student Assistant

Jahmali Iman Matthews - Audio Visual Student Technician

Ryan Mitchell Mayhan - Audio Visual Student Technician

Satchel Rust McLaughlin - Digital Media Intern

Claire Elizabeth Montague - Digital Media Tutor

Subin Adrienne Myong - Help Desk Student Assistant

Man Huynh Nguyen - Digital Media Tutor

Hector Rafael Rivera - Help Desk Student Assistant

Eliana Silk - Digital Media Intern

Camille Isabella Sirianni - Digital Media Tutor

Emnet Tamene Sisay - Help Desk Student Assistant

Julian Philip Snyder - Digital Media Tutor

Panida Sritatera - Digital Media Tutor

Yanea Petra Thomas - Circulation Interlibrary Loan Student Assistant

Brenda Rachael Torres - Audio Visual Student Technician

Samantha Elizabeth Wilkerson - Student Assistant, Digital Imagery

Shu Xin Wu - Digital Media Tutor


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