Kylie Burnham '15 Returns to Speak

By Kristin Strohmeyer

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 7:00 p.m.

Stryker All Night Reading Room, Burke Library

Ruminations on making, identity, and Hamilton

Suggesting a revision of the ethos “Know Thy Self” to “Make Your Space,” in this talk-performance hybrid Kylie Terra Burnham ‘15 will explore the iterative process of “making” as reflective not only of her artistic practice but also the forging of the self in relation to society, identity and boundaries. Drawing connections between her interest in objects, materiality, and technology and her passion for understanding the self, other, and relationships, Kylie presents a discourse both philosophical and rooted in lived experience, including reflections on her time at Hamilton as a transgender student (and then employee) in the mid-2010s.

Kylie Terra Burnham ’15 crafts experiences for joy and learning, exploring gender, relation, and liberation. An eclectic artist and out-of-classroom educator, her current projects include managing the Digital Design Studio at Tisch Library at Tufts University, curating a painting exhibition at the Nave Gallery, wearing multiple hats as a founding member of the Queer Theatre Project (currently choreographing for a genderless version of Twelfth Night; up next, directing Macbeth), and an upcoming book chapter on gender inclusivity trainings in Trans and Gender Diverse Voices in Libraries. Throughout her work, she seeks to position museums, galleries, and libraries as sites for well-being, exploring the benefits of art and object interpretation for mental health and self-discovery. In addition to her B.A. in Comparative Literature from Hamilton College, she holds a graduate certificate in Learning Design and Technology from Harvard Extension School and anticipates finishing a M.A. in Museum Education this spring.

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