What Hamilton Faculty Can Do

  1. Secure your rights as an author.

    You are the copyright holder of any work you create unless and until you transfer the copyright to someone else in a signed agreement. Before signing anything transferring your rights to another party, explore your options.

  2. Investigate the copyright and self-archiving policies for journals to which you submit articles.

    Most publishers and journals give authors permission to make at least some version of their articles freely available through self-archiving.

  3. Learn how you can make your own work open access.

    Finding a suitable OA journal or repository for your work may not be as daunting as you think. There are a number of alternative paths to sharing your scholarship.

  4. Talk to your colleagues at institutions with open access policies.

    More than 90 funding agencies and 200 colleges and universities have adopted open access policies, including a number of Hamilton's peer institutions. Since 2013, faculty at Wellesley, Amherst, and Bryn Mawr have passed open access resolutions.

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