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It is the responsibility of the party requesting services, not AVS, to secure written permission in advance for video recording, streaming, video, or audio production.  Questions regarding Video Recording Permission should be directed to the AVS Coordinator by email or phone (x3120).

Description of Service:

Video recording of classes, lectures, performances and special events on campus.


AVS will provide a Technician or Student Technical Assistant to operate the equipment. AVS does not have cameras that are able to be loaned out. Students needing to borrow a video camera for class projects should contact Camera Loans.


Written permission to video record lecturers and performers (including persons affiliated with Hamilton College) must be obtained and given to the AVS Coordinator prior to the start of the event. Written permission from the publisher is required in order to record theater productions and music performances of copyrighted scripts or scores.

For individuals, the recording permission form can be completed via Docusign or it can be printed out and signed manually. The printable permission of the form can be found here, and blank forms can also be requested from the AVS office. 

To arrange video recording for presentations or events involving more than a single presenter (when all parties are students, faculty or staff of Hamilton College), please use the group permission form. This form is not currently available on Docusign.

Disposition of video:

Video footage is typically recorded onto SD Cards and shared with the requestor via Google Drive within 10 working days following the event. If a rush on the footage is needed, please let the Coordinator know and we will see if special arrangements can be made. In these situations, we may suggest creating a Zoom cloud recording utilizing the classroom installed webcam instead so that the footage is sent directly to the event host within about an hour or so.

Final disposition of the recording is the responsibility of the requester and must comply with the permissions granted on the release form. AVS will not be responsible if the requestor chooses not to follow the presenter's guidelines.

Turnaround Time

 Turnaround for edited videos is based on the current work load of the AVS team. For an estimate, please contact the Coordinator at x3120. A general rule of thumb is within 10 days following the event.


AVS provides streaming services for major college events* and academic events sponsored by faculty, primarily using either Youtube or Facebook. We will automatically record any event that is streamed and will treat the recording just like a regularly requested video recording (see above). We will not record or share footage of any event where permission for streaming is for overflow viewing only. When streaming is requested, the presenter(s) must submit the permission form in advance or we will not do a live stream. Please be sure your presenter knows this and agrees to send the form in advance before you request this service.

* Major college events include Commencement, Common Ground, etc. AVS reserves the right to deny streaming requests for most campus events due to staffing limitations.

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