Last updated: November 11, 2022

What is a site?

A site contains a collection of related webpages.

In SiteManager, the sections of the websites that you have the rights to edit will appear under My Sites.  Click once on the name link to see the contents of the site.

sitemanager sites

Why don’t I see any sites?

  1. You have not been given access to any sites.
    1. Did you take a SiteManager training class? If not, contact Maureen Scoones.
    2. Are you editing an official college site? Access is given during the required Working Sessions.
  2. You may be using the wrong address. SiteManager exists on five different Hamilton College domains:
    1. College departments, official college pages: https://www.hamilton.edu/sitemanager
    2. Academic department pages and supporting content/sites: https://academics.hamilton.edu/sitemanager
      Please note, pages created and maintained by the departments will not replace the pages listed under Areas of Study. Department-maintained pages are accessed via a link in the contact section on the official academic page. Only sites that display current information will be linked.
    3. Student organizations: https://students.hamilton.edu/sitemanager
    4. All personal sites: https://people.hamilton.edu/sitemanager
    5. Sites and content related to course work, academic projects: https://courses.hamilton.edu/sitemanager
    6. Conference sites: http://conferences.hamilton.edu/sitemanager


Navigating Around SiteManager

There is a hierarchy that defines the navigation in SiteManager.  Depending on where you are in the hierarchy, you have different options available to you.

Home is at the top.  Sites contain sections (organize like items together) and pages. Pages are made up of modules.

SiteManager provides “bread crumb trail” navigation, so you can always quickly get to a site, section, or page.

sitemanager sections

Note:  The first page you make in your site is the “home” page, noted by the icon of the house. You can make any page the home page by clicking the make home link in the page options.

Site options: settings
Section options: settings, move, delete
“Home” page options: view, edit, settings, move, archive, delete
Page options: view, edit, settings, move, make home, archive, delete

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