Engage in ongoing departmental dialogue about the role of staff recruitment and retention as it relates to diversity and excellence. Explore questions similar to the following before beginning a search (Gilies, 2016):

  • Where do we want our department to be in 10 or 20 years?
  • What new fields are emerging in Libraries and IT?
  • What perspectives and experiences are we missing?
  • How will this position contribute to our goals of diversity, inclusion, and equity?

Reimagine recruitment as an ongoing activity rather than as a one-time effort begun once a search has been authorized. Engage in ongoing scouting activities to “identify and build relationships with potential job candidates, so that the unit is in a good position to attract diverse pools of applicants for its approved searches” (University of Washington, 2016, p. 2).

Reach out to applicants from underrepresented groups individually before and during a search (Wennerås & Wold, 1997). For example, seek out talented scholars at conferences and invite them to campus to present their research. Consider preparing student recruiters to discuss employment opportunities with peers and/or mentors when attending conferences and other events designed for underrepresented students.


Beth Bohstedt

Director, Learning & Research Services

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