Congratulations on your retirement from Hamilton College, and thank you for your years of service! As you prepare for your retirement, here are some important things about LITS services and resources to know.

LITS will be contacting you by phone or email to discuss resource options that are available to you upon retirement.  If we fail to contact you, by all means, please contact us. It is very important that we have a conversation about resource options prior to your official retirement date.

Resource options available

Resources available include:

  • Your Google account (email, drive, calendar, docs, etc.)
  • Access to many of the library’s resources
  • Access to My Hamilton
  • Events-All announcements

 By default, your Google account remains active for up to a year, after which you must contact us for its continued use.  You can request to remain on the events-all Listserv list. Your network account provides access to WebAdvisor, network servers (e.g. ESS), personal web pages, off-campus Library resources and Blackboard (faculty).

The normal deactivation date for faculty network accounts is 90 days after your retirement date; the normal deactivation date for staff network accounts is at the end of your last day of work (~ 4:35 p.m.).  

  • Faculty who elect to continue teaching at Hamilton after retirement will retain full access to all faculty resources.
  • Staff who return to work on a temporary basis will be given access to the resources required for the position they fill.

If you elect to give up your email account

If you elect to give up your email account, there are instructions to assist with transferring your mail to another account.


Please contact Circulation (askcirc@hamilton.edu) or the Help Desk (helpdesk@hamilton.edu).

Last updated: August 30, 2023

Library Resources:

You may continue to request electronic articles and book chapters through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. You will continue to use your existing ID (e.g. jdoe) but a new password must be created for your ILLiad login.  To request a new ILL password, please contact us askill@hamilton.edu or stop at the Circulation Desk in Burke Library.

Access to library databases will remain available to you. Questions can be directed to Beth Bohstedt at bbohsted@hamilton.edu.

You may continue to borrow materials from the Burke Library collection.  The number of items you are allowed to borrow at one time may be restricted.

You may continue to consult with the LITS Research Librarians. However, please be mindful of the time you spend with them so that students and current employees have timely access to this service.

You may continue to use the public computers located on the first floor of Burke Library. Please be mindful of the needs of students during peak usage times (mid-terms, finals). You may also ask for the password that will allow you to use the library printers. We respectfully request that you do not overuse this privilege.

Technology Resources:

By default, you will retain full access to your Hamilton email account, calendar, contacts, and Google Drive after you retire.  Please contact the LITS Help Desk (helpdesk@hamilton.edu) or call Scott Paul (315-859-4435) if you do not wish to use it after you retire.  When the end of a year approaches, you will receive an annual "deactivation" notice via email.  If you are still actively using your account, simply reply to the deactivation notice and ask to have your account continued.

Instructions that will help you transfer your email to another account are available. You may also contact the LITS Help Desk (315-859-4181) for assistance.   If you choose not to keep your email account, please bear in mind that your Google Drive files, contacts, and calendars will be deleted when your email is deleted.   Please reassign ownership of College files to those who will require continued access to them.

By default, you will have access to a retiree version of My Hamilton for the first year.  Your "My Hamilton" web page will change in appearance (certain resource tabs will no longer be present) but access to your email and calendar will remain. 

You may ask to be kept on the "events-all" Listserv list if you keep your Hamilton email account. This will keep you apprised of events on campus that may or may not be listed on the College events calendar. If you are the owner of any Listserv lists, please have them reassigned to another employee before you leave.

You are welcome to contact the LITS Help Desk for technical assistance by email (helpdesk@hamilton.edu), phone (315-859-4181), or in person. Their hours of operation are found online. They are happy to assist you with problems that are typically handled by the Help Desk (email, MS Office, Operating System, virus/malware, hardware, etc.).  However, they are not able to troubleshoot your home network or printer.

Your access to Hamilton's network will cease either on your last day of employment (staff) or 3 months after your last day (faculty) regardless of whether you keep your email account. Your network account gives you access to a variety of services (see below). Access to them will change after your network account is deleted.

You will no longer have access to the aps-hamilton wireless network but you can use the Hamilton guest wireless network. Please contact the LITS Help Desk for the password or to request your own guest wireless login. Please note that the guest wireless network is not available everywhere on campus. A list of spaces on campus that support the guest wireless network and instructions to assist you in configuring your phone, laptop, or tablet for access are also available.

Using office or public printers will no longer work after your network account is disabled.  However, you can print to a variety of printers on the first floor of Burke Library by asking for the print password at the Circulation Desk.  Please note that during the academic year the password is changed weekly.

You will no longer have direct access to WebAdvisor. If you require student information, please contact the Registrar's Office (315-859-4637) for assistance. If you require a copy of your W2's or Pay Advices, please contact the Payroll Office (315-859-4316) for assistance.

You will no longer have direct access to Blackboard. Please contact the Registrar's Office (315-859-4637) for assistance obtaining student information. Prior to your account deactivation, you are welcome to download any of the personal teaching materials you may have uploaded to Blackboard.

If put money on your HillCard and your balance exceeds $20, you can contact Auxiliary Services (315-859-4999) to request a refund. Amounts below $20 will be forfeited.

Access to files stored on ESS, including your personal "home" folder and your department folders, will no longer be available either directly or through My Hamilton. In addition, access to shared folders and files on servers such as College, Academic, special departmental servers, research servers, etc. will also no longer be available.

You will no longer be able to maintain your personal web pages. LITS is happy to provide you with your files and can recommend independent hosting services for you to consider. We are also happy to redirect traffic intended for your Hamilton page to your newly created off-site page.

Your VPN account will be terminated when your network account is deactivated. For staff, that will occur at the end of the day on your last day of employment. For faculty, that will occur 3 months after the last day of your employment.

Access to your CrashPlan backup will cease when your network account is deactivated. Your data will then go into "cold storage" for a limited time, after which it will be purged. Please contact the LITS Help Desk at 315-859-4181 if you have questions.

You will no longer have swipe card access to buildings during off-hours.

You will be contacted prior to your retirement date with instructions explaining how you should return college-owned equipment managed by LITS (e.g. laptop computers, tablets). Please return equipment as quickly as possible.  If you have files on your computer that you need to transfer to your own personal computer, the LITS Help Desk is happy to assist you.  They can also help you download and/or transfer your email and contacts to another account. Instructions are also available online.  Please contact the LITS Help Desk at 315-859-4181 if you have questions.


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