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Wireless Information

Hamilton College has secure wireless network access available in all campus buildings and most outdoor areas. Connectivity to the wireless network is supported by 802.11g or 802.11n wireless cards, which are available in most new Windows and Macintosh laptops.

Please note that the installation of a personal wireless access point (Apple Airport Station, wireless router, etc.) is strictly prohibited on campus. 

Configuring your computer for a secure wireless connection:

Configuring your mobile device for a secure wireless connection:

Use these settings to configure your mobile device to use Hamilton's secure wireless network-

SSID: aps-hamilton
Security: WPA2-Enterprise
Authentication: PEAP
Login: Use your Hamilton Username and Password

Once connected to our wireless network, you will not be using your cellular data plan. If you are out of the range of our wireless network your phone will automatically switch back to your cellular service, thus using your cellular data plan.   

Device specific setup instructions:

Please see contact the Help Desk for further assistance with your model. However, there is no guarantee that Hamilton's wireless network will be compatible with all smart phones and mobile devices.


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Last updated: July 19, 2017

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