There are many ways for you to stay connected while working remotely.

ESS - Employee Storage Server

ESS provides all Hamilton employees a central location to store critical files from their Macintosh and Windows computers.

  • You may access your files via a web browser while working remotely.  Important note: after downloading and making modifications to your file, you must upload it back to your ESS folder. 
  • Clicking “save” within the application (e.g.,. Word) will NOT save the modifications on ESS.
  • You also have the option to use VPN and work on ESS as if you were on campus. Mapped Network drives - H: user, M: department and P: campus.

Google Hangouts

Did you know that through your Hamilton Google email account you have the ability to chat with other Hamilton community members or conduct a video conference session with them? Just look for the green quotation mark (") icon found in bottom menu under your list of email labels or click the grid in the upper right next to the HillConnect button and select the green Hangouts icon. To share images and video, if you have not already done so, you will need to opt-in to the Additional Services.

The Hangouts app on iOS and Android phones can also be used to make audio calls. This is a really quick and easy way to reach people for a “call” without needing to know their personal phone number. 

For more information contact the Help Desk at 315-859-4181 or helpdesk@hamilton.edu.


After discussing it with your supervisor,  you may need to set up a voicemail message to indicate that you are not in your office, but will receive messages. Here are instructions for setting up your voicemail messages with an extended absence greeting. A sample message is below:

You have reached the voicemail of <first name last name>. Due to the current health crisis, I am not in my office, but I am monitoring my voicemail. Please leave a message, and I will return your call. If you need to speak to someone immediately, please call the <appropriate office> during college business hours at 315-859-xxxx.  Thank you. 

When someone leaves you voicemail, you will receive an email with the attached message.  You will be able to play the voice message from within the email message.

If you forward your office phone to extension 4808, it will go directly to voicemail and not ring.

VPN - virtual Private network

Virtual Private Network provides secure, encrypted connections from an off-campus computer allowing you to be connected to the Hamilton College network.  

 VPN Request Form 

Once you have access, you will need to install the VPN client following the VPN instructions for your laptop’s operating system.

Zoom - Video Conferencing

Faculty members will be given a licensed Zoom account which will allow for video recordings and unlimited conferencing time. 

For any employee to create a Zoom account, please go to https://hamilton.zoom.us and login using your Hamilton username and password.

Click on Conducting Web Conferences Using Zoom to learn more about features or Getting Started with Zoom for basic instructions on using Zoom.


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