The Hamilton Password Policy enforces the use of the same password for your network account (the username and password to login to your computer) and your HillConnect account (your Gmail username and password). Other systems share these same account credentials.

Additional systems used for Hamilton academic or administrative purposes DO NOT use these same credentials, meaning we can encourage you to use strong passwords, but we can’t enforce password changes.

For example, systems like Wright Express that have “Hamilton College Data” associated with them, but are NOT connected to either  your network account (the username and password to login to your computer), or HillConnect (your Gmail email account), the following is expected:

  • you’ll voluntarily change your password in these systems annually.
  • when you do, you'll use a password that meets the requirements of our policy (or as close as you can depending on what the system allows)
  • you’ll use a different password for Wright Express then what you use for your network/email password.

Some of the more widely used systems that fall into this category are listed below. Please note: the list of systems in use at Hamilton is not exhaustive. If you are unsure if a system you use requires your Hamilton credentials, please contact the LITS Help Desk (315-859-4181, helpdesk@hamilton.edu).

Hamilton System Password enforced by new policy Password Change encouraged to comply with policy Password exempt from policy
Artstor, RefWorks, ScienceDirect   Yes  
25Live Yes    
Blackboard Yes    
Citrix Yes    
Colleague     Yes*
EZ Proxy Yes    
Hamilton barcoded computer Yes    
Hamilton Password Manager Yes    
Hamilton secure Wi-fi (aps-hamilton) Yes    
Hill Card eAccounts Yes    
HillConnect (Gmail,Thunderbird, and Outlook) Yes    
Informer (used by Colleague users) Yes    
KeyCard   Yes  
Listserv   Yes**  
Millenium, OCLC, Voyager (used by library staff)   Yes  
My Hamilton Yes    
OnBase Yes  
Other accounts used for prospective students, parents, guests and alumni     Yes
PaperCut Yes    
Qualtrics Yes    
SiteManager Yes    
WebAdvisor Yes    
VPN Yes    

* Colleague passwords follow an existing policy.
** If you use a space in your Hamilton password, not all systems will accept a space in a password. Therefore you may need to substitute some other character for the space.

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Last updated: March 9, 2021


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