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Last updated: July 19, 2019

Internet Connection Information

Hamilton College has a 2000 Mbps (2Gbps) primary Internet connection and a 1000 Mbps (iGbps) secondary internet connection (for redundancy) over high speed fiber optic lines provided by Spectrum.  The Internet connection at Hamilton is a shared resource and is managed in a fashion to give priority to the academic/administrative mission of the college while providing student connectivity (residence halls and wireless) similar to a residential cable modem service.

If you are interested in testing your Internet connection speed, click on one of the links below.  You should use the first link for best results.

If you are using the second or third link (speedtest.net), your fastest results should come from the Time Warner server in Syracuse NY.   Ping times and download/upload speeds will decrease as you test using servers further away from Hamilton.

Note - Maximum download/upload speeds for wired connections IN DORMS are capped at 100Mbps.  Wireless connections are not capped, however wireless speeds will vary based on the current strength of your wireless signal. 

There are also some wired ports (in academic and administrative buildings) that still operate at a maximum of 100Mbps.  If your speeds are "capped" at 100Mbps, you are likely connected to one of these network ports.





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