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Your Hamilton phone number is 315-859-[your four digit ext.].  Questions about your office telephone can be directed to telephone@hamilton.edu.

Phone Instructions
Dialing Instructions
Voicemail Instructions
Personal Cellular Phone Discount

Supervisors of new non-faculty employees and new faculty are contacted by the Desktop Integration Services team about their office computing needs.  To arrange for the installation of your computer or if you have additional needs not yet articulated (e.g. a particular software application), please call x5347 or email dis@hamilton.edu.

There are numerous central systems that are available to faculty, staff, and students. In the event that you need assistance from the Help Desk, please be as specific as possible when describing the problems you are experiencing.  We have secure wireless network access available in all campus buildings and most outdoor areas.

Hamilton's network is divided into two sections (domains):

  • Hamilton-D, used by employees (faculty & staff)
  • Hamilton-S, used by students

Connecting your computer or mobile device to our secure wireless network

Depending on your role at Hamilton, the account you were provided may be used for email, our wired and wireless network, logging in to Hamilton-owned computers, network printing, and a variety of web resources like My Hamilton, Blackboard, Citrix, and WebAdvisor.  More information about your Hamilton account:

Instructions for using:

Blackboard | My Hamilton (Campus Portal) | Employee Storage Server (ESS) | Academic Server (shared server space with students | Web Advisor | Hamilton's Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Hamilton’s email system, HillConnect, is powered by Google Apps for Education. Our email addresses are in the form of first initial of the person's first name followed by the first seven characters of the person’s last name, e.g. mscoones@hamilton.edu.  Due to duplicates, some email addresses may contain a person’s middle initial. You can verify an address using the on-line directory.

  • Please refer to the email policy for important information regarding the appropriate use of email at Hamilton.
  • For more information on using our email and calendar system, please see our HillConnect webpage.
  • ListServ is a commercial software product installed on Hamilton College’s email system. It is designed to provide an easy way to create and maintain large or specialized email mailing lists.

  • Budget tool. If you have budget oversight for College accounts, contact the Business Office at x4322 for additional information.
  • The College Events Calendar allows you to:
    • Check the availability of any college space and make a request to reserve a space
    • See space characteristics – including room size and equipment in the room
  • Hill Card (your ID) can be used to pay for certain services on campus. Your account can be accessed online to deactivate your card when lost, add money to your account and view your account history.
  • SiteManager (Hamilton’s web editing tool) | If you already have a personal website, request server space.
  • Survey Management Tools enable you to create a variety of on-line surveys or polls. 

How do I learn more?

We will assist the Hamilton Community in determining how best to integrate technology into their work and we endeavor to encourage them to acquire and enhance their skills with respect to the information technologies and resources used for research, office productivity, and academics. 


Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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